Dear Incoming Students of the year 2021,

We are looking forward to meeting you in the first semester of the Urban Design Master at the TU Berlin!

At this time, we would like to provide you with some information about the program for the first Winter Semester.

We have assembled some responses to frequently asked questions (FAQ’s) and often asked-after themes that have arisen in the past:

Concerning the Master’s course in Urban Design:

Click here to access a recording of last year’s introductory talk on our Youtube- channel.

Concerning teaching and attendance:

At the current moment the TU Berlin plans to conduct their programs in presence, requesting you to be in Berlin to have full access to all courses offered. Click here to access the TU Berlin webpage to keep track of the general current status, rules, and regulations.

For further announcements please also check this website regularly.

Unable to attend the first semester in person?

Please note that the enrollment into the program does not force you to join courses during this Winter Semester. If you decide to not take part in this first semester you will be able to take part in the Spring Semester (second semester). This would cause you a delay, however, to the completion date of your degree, extending your studies over the four regular terms, as the mandatory introductory studio is only taught in winter terms. In particular students with a visa may need to check if this is an option for them before delaying the start of their studies.

Please note, that the first Semester Urban Design Studio will be held in hybrid format.

Concerning hygiene and pandemic regulations:

Click here to find an overview of the measurements and requirements.

Click here to read the “Information letter from 21 September 2021 – Updated hygiene and pandemic regulations / Information about studying and teaching in winter semester 2021/2022“.

Concerning you vaccination-status:

In case you are still seeking vaccination, the TU offers free vaccinations for its students. Click here for more information.

Concerning housing: 

The housing market in Berlin is extremely competitive and it is advised to begin to organize your stay well before your arrival. The following websites are popular platforms that advertise flat shares: studierendenWERK Berlin,, .

Concerning Language Courses:

Click here to find language courses at the Modern Language Center of the TU Berlin (ZEMS).

Concerning Instagram:

There are various channels that will inform you about events and present information about the Faculty and Institute: TU Berlin , Institute for Architecture , Student Council of the Institute for Architecture, ROUNDABOUT, TU-Sports

Channels of the Chairs involved in the Master Urban Design: Habitat Unit , Chair of Urban Design and Urban Development , CHORA , FG Freiraum , CUD, Sociology of Planning and Architecture ,K Lab

Concerning your technical/digital infrastructure:

Click here for more information. Please note: The services will be available after your official matriculation.

Study Regulation and the Course Description:

Please have a look at your study regulations,  course description and curriculum of the Master Urban Design.  An English Version will be available soon.

Further information & downloads:

Guidance and choosing the right degree program: Academic Advising Service

Questions about the degree program: Course Guidance and Website of the Study Program

General questions: Student Info Services

Application and enrollment: Office of Student Affairs – Graduate Admissions 

Recognition of previously acquired credits: Examination Board

Subject-specific Counseling and Services

Office of Academic and Student Affairs


In the previous Semesters forming Slack, WhatsApp, and Telegram-Communities helped a lot to organize and help each other. We recommend doing this for your year as well in order to stay close to each other.


Please read this FAQ carefully. Please also note, that since we are very busy with the organization of the semester-set-up, we will most likely not be able to respond to individual mails with questions.

We look forward to meeting you soon!