The Urban Studies master’s program offered by Technische Universität Berlin combines critical reflection of cities and their design. The program examines issues pertaining to systems and spaces from the local to the regional level. The discipline of urban design addresses processes of urbanization in an international context and their historical and current development.

Urban Design is an interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary discipline located at the intersection of architecture, urban and regional planning, urban sociology, landscape architecture and environmental planning. The program’s broad curriculum introduces its students to all these disciplines through an integrated approach. In addition to completing projects in the above disciplines, design projects and integrated seminars introduce students to methods which reveal the complexity of the tasks and equip students to act in complex issues. Students also practice interdisciplinary collaboration.

Some of the core studies include:

Introduction to Urban Design

Global city
Local spaces

Methods and Tools

Studio Urban Design 

Interdisciplinary Theory and Practice

Scientific Colloquium


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