the global union

The Global Union is a worldwide patchwork of self-made communities. It formed after giving-up the traditional form of government, in response to poor decisions regarding mass migration and climate change. The manifesto of the GU comes from Bruno Latour’s vision of the terrestrial way of living, where the human is aware of his global impact that affects almost every human on planet earth, therefore is encouraged to act locally.

The common aim in the Global Union is to secure a sustainable lifestyle and fair
distribution of recourses the urban which can be defined by its form and its process had to be redefined. The area of former Berlin– Brandenburg gets divided into Quilts, forest plantation areas and agriculture land.

The limits of the Quilts are defined by the human scale, considering a maximum walking distance of 20-30 minutes. The Qulit is being used by pedestrians only. The streets belong to the people and are used as community areas, exchange spaces and areas to freely wander. About 40 km2 of agricultural land outside of the Quilts serves for additional planning to secure nutrition. The Quilt sets the use of sustainable building materials for all builders to 90%. As sustainable is understood all natural materials, like stone, clay or timber, which are locally produced within the area of former Berlin-Brandenburg. The other 10 percent can be chosen freely, however, this materials will be highly taxated.

While the Quilt continued to offer infrastructure, residents were left to built their own homes.  Cultures are mixed more than ever, and, as everything is self regulated, there is a mix of aesthetics. Soon conflicts arise where from new public space gets created. Arenas appear in every Quilt as a space of interaction, for public meetings and to address conflicts.

Rooftoping Housing Example


Arena Example

Detailed view