Giving a finisched spatial masterplan often means the end of something and people get stuck in structures. We don’t want that. We called our design „jam session“, because we don‘t want to deliver a product. A jam session is a process in which different impulses come together and lead to an open result. So we only provide a solid framework and the opportunity for a great and open process. What we want? We want to provide a platform for people to develop the site together. We want to create democratic conditions to empower democratic architecture. We want to be in process.

In order to achieve our goals, we developed a card came and analysed different ways of getting together and possible connections. In the beginning there are many individual interests which group together in the existing Lokschuppen on the site. The meetings in the Lokschuppen could be organized by existing initiatives like “openberlin“, “Initiative StadtNeudenken“ or “Stadt von Unten“, who already have experience in bringing different people‘s interests together. Without losing identity, these people can find housing alliances and create hybrids, for example the „Solar-Swimming- Greenhouse“ which is the prototype we developed in a further step. This connecting process brings people together and the creation of hybrids makes individual wishes better affordable for all.