Berlin becomes less affordable and more homogeneous. The increasing spread of digitalisation causes citizens to isolate themselves. HETEROTOPOLIS responds: to reconnect the neighbourhood and restore Berlin’s image as a diverse, multicultural and complex city, before this is lost.



The HETERTOPOLIS approach reanimates the ‘Großwohnsiedlung’ as an urban structure that creates various topoi (neighbourhoods) with their own inherent urban-structure logic reinforced by typologies as well as programme for uses and activities that underpin the needs, daily routines, values and aspirations typical of a specific lifestyle.

To foster the plurality of the city, HETERTOPOLIS orchestrates spaces of confrontation in  the overlaps between the topi – for harmonious and conflictual community encounter. This ‘liveable border’ provides both planned and yet-to-be-planned spaces, across a range of scales for the known and unforeseeable needs of the diverse communities that converge here.

Topos Golden Age


Green Axis