counter culture

In 2050, Berliners find themselves in a hyper digitalized and efficient environment, in which big tech-corporations have taken over everyday
life in order to save humanity from a climate change induced crisis. Local and national governments increasingly fail to handle the situation that entails extreme weather events, an influx of climate refugees and a subsequent
housing crisis, tougher environmental regulations from bodies like the EU. In this situation, people revolt against the rule of big corporations.
They come up with countercultural movements and ideas on how to shape every day life in a self-determined and sustainable life to preserve what makes us human.


We will need to rethink education, our workplaces, the income and wealth distribution and debate on what truly creates value for our society. In asking what it means to be human, counter culture movement take the individual’s hierarchy of needs as a starting point.


Human Spaces

The neighbourhood of Mühlenkiez gets therefore developed under the concept of “Human Spaces”. Working in three categories Privacy and Safety, Connectivity and Sharing, Creativity and Self Expression a modular system that accommodates a variety of different activities and actors in a flexible and mobile structure gets created. This structure is meant to serve as a
blueprint for countercultural actors all over the city.



Additionally to the main structure smaller interventions allow the citizens to create their own spaces. Some examples are presented in the following.

Secret Club

We live as individuals surely don’t need that much transparency, we don’t
need to be reachable every minute. So why not give yourself a secret?

No.1 You don’t talk about your secret, you create it.
No.2 If you rent a ballon , you create a secret.
No.3 One week time, you speak it out or make it dissappear.


Parasite Architecture


Fresh Food Production

Besides the Counterculture gardening units, the Counterculture invades the unused spaces around the city to transform informally the allotment gardens and install DIY greenhouses.