Connectivity and Integration: new visions for the east

The conceptual interpretation of three East Berlin sites in this project is based on understanding “Berlin XX XL 2040”: the vastly growing metropole and its future requirements.

The first site is the Clean Tech Park in Marzahn, a branch optimized and industrial green park that produces green chemistry and sustainable energy but also focuses on mobility.

The second site is the “Knorr Bremse”, the world’s leading manufacturer of railway a commercial vehicle banking systems. The area borders to another industrial zone and the Marzahn cemetery. The business is to be given up by the owner, thus making the location susceptible to new development by the district.

The third and last area is the S train station Landsberger Allee, which is located in one of the last historical development areas within the Berlin city ring. The increasingly attractive area is also a hub of new development.

The macro Analysis of the district Marzahn Hellersdorf shows diversity but simultaneously a high density of single family housing and a low proportion of population with migration background.  In terms of mobility, a lack of walking paths, bike routes and car sharing is noted and with the population rapidly increasing a connection of the Marzahn sites and an improvement of the existing mobility system is suggested so that people can flow easier and faster. Furthermore, the fragmented green spaces should be connected and the noise pollution reduced. A proposal is formed to turn the industrial area between Clean Tech Park and Knorr Bremse to a mixed one.

Through Competition briefs, historical analysis and praxis examples the project aims at creating diverse spheres with heterogeneous environments that increase the everyday life quality.

The Clean Tech Park is reimagined as a sustainable park with Polycentres that are integrated in the surroundings and spread sustainable principles to others. As for the Knorr Bremse, the public transport system around the area is to be expanded by a tram line and neighborhood garages are to be introduced. And finally the enlivenment of Landsberger Allee focuses on an express tram line and a reinterpretation of the old slaughterhouse.

The design redefines urbanity through density while connecting parts of the city’s fractured system.