This project frames scenarios along the S Bahn 2 line that connects Berlin with Bernau in Brandenburg. Three sites along the line Blankenburg, Buch and Bernau together with the Panke River that flows along the railway line and the Berlin-Usedom bike lane form a major transport corridor and a significant complex of public space thus consisting the backbone of this tender.

The focal points of the macro Analysis are Age and the increasing life expectancy as a design factor and the consequences of converting the Commerce S line to a leisure line for the cities along the line.


The micro Analysis examines the allotment garden conflict near Blankenburg station as well as the new building development in south Blankenburg, which foresees a population increase of 230% that surpasses the capacity of the S-Buch Station.


The intentions and suggested improvements include the redesign of the Buch S-Bahn Station and the reestablishment of the relation between the existent physical and the landscape barrier. The bike lane, the river and the commercial street are taken thus into account for the development of a public space for young and elderly.

The improvements in Bernau focus on activating the void: the junction point with its large scale infrastructures must be reimagined as an active “green core” that the surrounding residents would want to interact with.